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Top 10 tips for a successful broadcast PR campaign

Are you happy with the way your business is going, but want to give it a boost?

Broadcast PR is an effective way to do just that, but how do you go about securing radio and TV coverage?

One way is to give it a try yourself. There is no reason why you can’t contact your local radio station to ask them if they’d like to cover your story. You might get some coverage, especially if you are in their catchment area and have a good story to tell.

But if you are looking for a broadcast PR campaign that will secure you good quality radio (and potentially TV) coverage, that enables you to deliver your key messages direct to your target audience in a way that makes sense editorially, the only way to do that effectively is to engage with a specialist broadcast PR agency.

Even the top PR agencies outsource broadcast PR to specialist agencies.

So here are our top 10 tips for a successful broadcast PR campaign:

1. Work with a specialist

The only way to secure good quality radio and TV coverage is to work with a specialist broadcast PR consultancy. 

2. Choose the right broadcast PR agency to work with

Like anything, you tend to get what you pay for. 

There are ‘low cost’ options available, but if you want good quality coverage, use a consultancy with experienced professionals who have relevant expertise. 

The best broadcast PR consultancies only work with a team of people who have broadcast, journalism or PR experience – and ideally all three.

If you go with a lower cost option and work with an agency who employ people with little to no prior broadcast, journalism or PR experience, the chances are the quality of the coverage won’t be as good.

3. Plan your campaign

Be specific about why you want to embark on a broadcast PR campaign – as this will help you secure the best results in line with your strategy.

A good broadcast PR consultancy will work closely with you to establish your campaign objectives, key messages and target audience.

The more specific you can be the better. This will help the broadcast PR consultancy to present your story to broadcast producers in a way they know will be appealing to their audience – thus increasing the chances of securing publicity and the opportunity for you to say exactly what it is you want to say.

4. Commission new market research

This is a very effective way of securing broadcast coverage.

Broadcasters love market research – so a new survey is a great way to secure coverage.

You’ll often hear a news story on radio and TV that starts with: “A new survey has revealed…”. 

By commissioning new research that aligns with your objectives, key messages and target audience you are creating a news story that you are in control of – and the broadcasters will be receptive to it as they are getting a new story.

All good broadcast PR agencies will be able to include a market research element as part of your broadcast PR campaign.

5. Consider using a brand ambassador as your spokesperson

This is a great way to secure TV and radio coverage.

There is an additional cost and the higher the profile of the spokesperson, the higher their fee will be.

6. Go for it!

Broadcasters need good content!

If your story is newsworthy and put together in a way that makes sense to a broadcaster, they’ll use it.

A broadcast PR agency will help you translate your key messages into a good story that broadcasters will want to use.

7. Manage your expectations

You WILL get some broadcast exposure with your campaign, but don’t assume a broadcast PR agency will secure you coverage on the BBC, Sky or ITV. 

The broadcast PR consultancy you work with will do what it can to secure you the best possible radio and TV coverage, aligned with your key messages and objectives.

Defining your target audience is key. That will go a long way to assisting the broadcast PR agency that runs your campaign to identify which radio and TV stations, channels and networks to target for you.

8. Don’t consider broadcast PR with ROI as your main objective

If return on investment is your main objective, broadcast PR probably isn’t the best solution. 

If you go into a broadcast PR campaign expecting to see a spike in orders, you are likely to be disappointed.

Broadcast PR is designed to increase awareness, credibility and brand recognition – which will be achieved if your spokesperson is featured on BBC radio or television, for example – and is a great way to position your spokesperson as an authority and expert.

9. Listen to the experts

In the same way that a broadcast PR consultant couldn’t do what you do as well as you do it, the same is true with you trying to secure your own radio and television coverage.

Trust the broadcast PR consultancy you choose to work with. They have the relevant experience and expertise to secure the best possible radio and TV coverage for you.

They will give you the best advice in terms of how to translate your key messages into a story that broadcasters will want to use, so that you can speak directly to your target audience.

10. Embrace creativity

Finally, be prepared to get creative. The best stories for broadcasters are often those that hit the mark in terms of standing out in some way.

Your broadcast PR consultant will guide you on the best way to secure radio and television coverage that delivers your key messages to your target audience.

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