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The rise of the podcast

When we talk about broadcast PR, we mostly think of television and radio. However, there has been an exponential rise in an alternative and powerful broadcast medium, the podcast.

Podcasts are mostly pre-recorded audio broadcasts that target a niche area of interest. They follow the trend of on-demand content that has become prevalent across television and online. Their popularity is based on several key factors. They are effortless to access. Anyone with a smartphone has immediate access to a library of more than 40 million podcasts. And, as well as being easily accessible, podcasts are usually free.

The choice of what to listen to is entirely determined by the user. For broadcast PR purposes, this makes podcasts a desirable proposition. The right podcast could give access to a target audience almost entirely interested in your product or service. For example, suppose a company can secure broadcast airtime on a cycling podcast to talk about a new bicycle seat they produce. In that case, the audience is perfect for that product as they are already interested in cycling.

According to some statistics, 50% of monthly US podcast listeners are aged below 34. Statistics also show that a significant number of podcast listeners had regular and relatively well-paying jobs. This all indicates that a high proportion of podcast listeners have the ability to make purchasing decisions, which makes them an attractive target for broadcast PR campaigns. This is different from other broadcast formats such as YouTube channels, where the purchasing power of viewership is vastly different.

Podcasts also build intimacy with an audience. Due to the sheer volume and variety of podcasts, audiences tend to be a focused group interested in the specialist topic or the specific host. Furthermore, podcasts tend to be listened to when people are in isolation. This combination builds feelings of exclusivity and intimacy. The relationship between host and audience has the feel of a social relationship.

A broadcast PR campaign strategy can include securing airtime on existing podcasts. Producing specific podcasts around a product or service is also an effective way of creating a highly targeted and receptive audience. The host of such a podcast immediately becomes a brand ambassador, and the social relationship between a company and its target audience creates a strong bond.

Podcasts cater to niche areas and hone in on an otherwise difficult-to-reach audience. Podcasts are an increasingly effective element of broadcast PR campaigns because of the opportunities to target specific audiences. As with all broadcast PR campaigns, competence in creating an effective strategy is key. Podcast airtime can have a massive impact on successful broadcast PR marketing.


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