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The importance of healthy media relationships

In Broadcast PR, media relations are a critical element in maximising the reach of marketing and PR campaigns. A strong and positive relationship with the media can help with the process of securing coverage for your organisation and ensure that your message is delivered to your target audience.

One of the main benefits of developing a good relationship with the media is that it can lead to more coverage for your organisation. People often buy from people, meaning that the person trying to convince you to do something will be more convincing if you already trust or appreciate that person. This one of the reasons why brand ambassadors can be so effective. 

The chances of convincing a journalist, editor or producer to cover your story is more likely if they already know and trust you.They might even provide you with a broadcast PR platform that is more favourable. 

Strong media relationships can be effective for smaller organisations. Fostering a good relationship with the media can ensure that you can maximise your opportunities to reach your audience in a credible way, presenting your organisation’s spokesperson as an authority on the topic being discussed. 

Journalists, editors and producers are busy people who might not always have the time to research a story thoroughly. Having a good relationship with a journalist and helping them to do their job can mean that they are more likely to accept your story and present it in the way you want it to.

A key element in fostering a healthy relationship with journalists, editors and producers is understanding their needs and being responsive to them. Journalists are always looking for good stories and information and work to strict deadlines. If you can respond quickly to their requests and provide them with the content they need, they are more likely to think of you again when they need content.

Another critical strategy is to be proactive in your communication with the media. Don’t wait for journalists to come to you. Reach out to them with story ideas, press releases and other information that might be of interest to them. This can help to establish you as a reliable and valuable source of information. If you have a positive relationship with media representatives, they are more likely to work with you again. 

A great example of someone managing their organisation’s relationship with the media is Alastair Campbell, who served as Tony Blair’s Director of Communications and Strategy from 1997 to 2003 and played a significant role in shaping the public image and communication strategy of the Labour Party during this time. He was an important part of their successful election campaigns. 

One of Campbell’s most important roles was managing media relationships and making sure that the messaging that went out in broadcast and print media was aligned with the Labour Party’s communications strategy. With the polarising nature of politics, this was no easy task.

Broadcast Reach know how to convert a brand’s objectives and key messages into a story that broadcasters will want to cover. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in promoting your brand or organisation. 

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