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Put some magic into your radio advertising

Broadcast Reach offers a full suite of marketing, PR and advertising services. As well as being expert broadcast PR consultants, we also have strong capabilities in other forms of PR, p;odcasts, marketing and advertising. 

An obvious difference between broadcast PR and advertising is that when a spokesperson or ambassador who is representing a brand is interviewed to discuss a story, topic or theme, there is no charge, but there is less emphasis on direct promotion of the brand. 

Paid for advertising is a platform to deliver a strong call to action. Here are some top tips that can help you ensure your advertising campaign is effective.

Create images for the listener

With radio advertising, the assumption can be made that the most important thing is how the advert sounds and how a message is delivered vocally. However, a radio advert will evoke images in the target audience’s mind. The best radio adverts will produce the starkest and most long-lasting impressions on the target audience’s consciousness. 

Whose voice is that?

Just as a brand ambassador will enhance a Broadcast PR campaign, a voiceover artist that is responsible for delivering a radio advert can significantly influence the impression it leaves. Some podcasts will rely on the podcast host to deliver an advert, knowing that a podcast already has a specific listenership and, more than likely, the host is a key part of their interest. 

The voiceover artist serves several functions in broader broadcast mediums, such as national broadcast radio. First, the selection of the artist sends a message and attracts an audience. For example, if a product or service is targeting an audience in their 50s, the voiceover artist might be someone who was a prominent actor with a recognisable voice during the 1980s. The use of a well known voice also sends a message about the level of investment and production quality involved, which also tells its own story about the product or service. 


Use the language of the target audience. For sales professionals, the human touch is paramount to building rapport with prospective customers. Often, a relationship is more likely to win a contract or sale compared to the features and benefits of whatever is being sold. With radio advertising, it’s essential to find ways of building that relationship with the target audience in every way available. 

An easy avenue for this is in the language that is used in the advert. Whatever language is used, clarity of the message is vital. Still, that message could be delivered in urban slang to target a specific demographic, or by enunciating every word perfectly for a different demographic.  

What do you want your audience to do?

A radio advert needs to include a call to action. The aim, after all, is to encourage your target audience to engage with and buy your product or service. That call to action should be clear, regardless of whether it’s implicit or explicit. For example, a company offering car insurance might encourage their audience to get a quote, as they might be surprised by the difference.

Simplicity and clarity

A radio advert typically has a very brief time slot. If you have 30 seconds to deliver a message and a call to action, it is important not to complicate things and try to do too much. Sharp, focused messaging and a clear call to action will last longer in the minds of an audience.

The art of radio advertising is subtle but powerful, with return on investment in mind. Broadcast Reach has the expertise to finesse your radio advert for maximum impact. Radio advertising offers an accessible and powerful way to encourage your target audience to take action.

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