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Making an impact through TV advertising

A key goal of any marketing, PR or advertising campaign is to produce something that settles into the public consciousness. Numerous examples of adverts have entered into popular culture and become instantly recognisable. Think of the Compare the Market adverts with their meerkat characters or the Churchill insurance adverts. 

One particular campaign that has caught the eye in recent weeks is the We Buy Any Car TV advertising campaign. We Buy Any Car is a British car buying company that has been in operation since 2006. The company is known for its catchy advertising slogans and memorable brand ambassadors. In the company’s early days, the brand ambassador was Phillip Schofield, a popular television presenter in the United Kingdom. 

The phrase ‘used car salesman’ is often said in a derogatory fashion, which shows the strength and impact of the We Buy Any Car marketing campaign. Schofield’s easy going and relatable personality helped to build trust with potential customers and made selling a car seem less intimidating. He helped to establish We Buy Any Car as a reputable and trustworthy company, which was essential for building a customer base in the early days of the business. 

We Buy Any Car has recently employed a new ambassador, Mufasa. His name is less well known than Phillip Schofield, but We Buy Any Car has capitalised on his social media popularity. Mufasa was responsible for the viral social media video of himself dancing to popular song Friday by Riton and Nightcrawlers. We Buy Any Car has reworked the song so that the new lyrics – ‘Just sold my car to We Buy Any Car’ – have become the new catchphrase of We Buy Any Car.

It’s a clever piece of marketing. Mufasa’s original video went viral because it was funny in an uplifting way. Although Mufasa’s name is more well known now, the dance and scene that he created have lived much longer in the public consciousness. We Buy Any Car have absorbed some of the positivity of that viral video by leaning on Mufasa.

We Buy Any Car’s brand ambassadors have had a positive impact and have helped to establish the company as a household name in the United Kingdom. The company’s advertising campaigns featuring these ambassadors have helped to build trust with customers and the company’s reputation as a reputable and trustworthy business. With new ambassador Mufasa, the company will continue to reach a new audience and remain a household name in the UK car buying market.

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