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Four top tips to maximise the reach of your Broadcast PR campaign

Broadcast PR can be one of the most powerful tools in a marketing and communications strategy. The most challenging aspect is not just about getting your story on air though. 

Securing radio and television coverage is one thing, but are you maximising your impact and reach? Are you communicating your key messages clearly to your target audience? Is the broadcast PR campaign aligned with your specific objectives?

Here are four top tips from our team of broadcast PR specialists at Broadcast Reach that can help you maximise the reach of your broadcast campaign and deliver your key messages to your target audience.

Define your target audience

To get the best results from a broadcast PR campaign, you need to start with the basics and that includes identifying your target audience. It is also important that the language you use and the stories you tell will resonate with that audience.

Craft compelling story angles for a specific audience

Creating a good story is essential to capture the attention of journalists and producers. Broadcast professionals understand what will resonate with their audience. Even if you put together what you think is a broadcast PR campaign that will resonate strongly with your target audience, it needs to attract the interest of the journalists or producers who manage your targeted broadcast channels.

Good media relationships

Our team of broadcast specialists at Broadcast Reach know how to craft a compelling story for your audience and the editors, producers and journalists who can present your story. We have relationships with an extensive network of broadcast media professionals. Cultivating good relationships with broadcast media – built on consistently high standards of broadcast PR content – creates trust and opportunities for your story to be broadcast on radio and television. If broadcast media professionals can rely on you to deliver good content, they will trust you to help them create stories that will have an impact on their audience. 

Leverage social media to amplify your message

Social media is a great tool to magnify your message. Everyone hopes that their story or message gets exponential coverage by ‘going viral’, but even without that, it is important to remind your audience of your credibility by airing previous broadcasts that your product or brand was a part of. It also means that anyone who missed your live broadcast can be reached beyond the on air date.

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