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Do other people just have better stories to tell?

The best stories live long in the consciousness of their targeted audience. Think about a memorable scene in your favourite film, or a story that a friend told you that made you laugh. Something in that narrative resonated with you to the point where that memory is unlikely to disappear. The person who told that story will always be someone or something you think of favourably. The story you suggest about your business, the services you offer or the products you sell has the same capacity to live long in the memory of your target audience.

So why is it that some stories seem better than others? Do other people have products and services that lend themselves to a better story? If that were the case, then some essential products wouldn’t be able to differentiate their brands.

A good example is sports shoes. For many people, sports shoes should be comfortable and fit for purpose. Why is it then that some people will spend hundreds of pounds on the latest pair of Nike trainers? It’s because they’ve bought into the story and what that brand represents. When we buy those shoes, we want to share a story with Michael Jordan or Cristiano Ronaldo. The advert we’re watching often has nothing to do with a product. Instead, it’s telling you the story it wants to associate with a product. Similarly, when an audience sees an advert for a perfume, the audience can’t smell the perfume, but the allure of the characters and story in the advert creates a subconscious attraction that draws us towards that product.

So, when you think about how your service or product will resonate with your customer, think about how you want your audience to feel when they think about your brand. A great broadcast PR campaign will drive a narrative that lives long in the memory. It evokes feelings and memories. It tunnels its way and settles into your audience’s subconscious.

The great thing about this is that the story is yours to create. A brand is, after all, a reflection of you, your business and your service or product. The story you tell about your brand is an extension of that reflection.

In the world of broadcast PR, there are several things that a consultancy such as Broadcast Reach will help you achieve:

  • A story that is new, unique or different and will be of interest to broadcasters
  • A story that you are in control of, that delivers your key messages directly to your target
  • audience
  • A relatable story that expresses feelings and evokes emotions
  • A memorable story that lead the audience to a positive conclusion

This might all sound a bit daunting, considering the limited time often available in broadcast slots, but this is precisely the insight and support a broadcast media PR agency can offer. A broadcast PR agency knows how to tell your story in a way that promotes your brand effectively and in a way that will get broadcasters interested.

By engaging with Broadcast Reach, we will be able to help you develop unique stories that surround your product or service, that will create dialogue with your audience, will live long in the memory and will prompt your target audience to engage with your brand.

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