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Broadcast PR is an effective way to present a brand, service, product, organisation or individual in an appealing way to a targeted audience. One of the best ways to secure good coverage is to create a story that will grab the attention of an audience. 

There are many ways that a story can be crafted to achieve specific objectives. After all, although there are certain stations or shows that an audience will congregate around, there are also topical issues that interest most people. Examples include Covid 19 and the current cost of living crisis. 

A broadcast PR consultant will be able to create a narrative that will demonstrate to an audience that their brand or product is of interest to them. 

For example, new online exercise and coaching programmes to improve health and wellbeing were created during the Covid 19 lockdown. This was directly linked to the impact of Covid 19.

A brand, product or service doesn’t exist in isolation – it exists within a cultural framework. It is the story teller’s responsibility to inform the audience why their product or service is relevant, to solidify an existing audience’s interests and draw forth a wider audience. 

The way stories are told can help a brand or organisation stand out from the crowd. Having realised that much of Yoga marketing and PR is not aimed at men, Diamond Dallas Page, a former American professional wrestler, developed his own Yoga programme and, with the intention of broadening its demographic appeal, gave it the slogan “It Ain’t Your Mama’s Yoga.” The wrestler was an active participant in his programme and has appeared in broadcast PR opportunities to highlight the health benefits it had on him.

The way a story is crafted can be key in making sure that you maximise the reach of a broadcast PR campaign. It also opens up avenues that can increase audience engagement. Broadcast PR consultants can play a key role in making sure that products or services remain topical in an ever-changing news environment. 

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