Podcast production: More than meets the eye

When we listen to podcasts, we can take for granted the work that’s gone into producing the finished article we consume. It might come across as two people who casually picked up some microphones, clicked the record button and started chatting. Often, it’s the perceived informality of a podcast that attracts us. It feels like […]

How to build your podcast following

Podcasts are a powerful broadcast PR format that have grown exponentially in the last decade. From commuters to runners, people often make mundane tasks more enjoyable by listening to their favourite shows. It’s led to an audio broadcast revolution, and many have decided to launch podcasts as part of a broadcast PR marketing strategy. In […]

Radio audiences continue to grow

Radio listening audiences continue to rise and remains one of the most far reaching and influential broadcasting platforms available.  Recent data from RAJAR (Radio Joint Audio Research) shows that in the last quarter of 2022, 89% of the adult population of the UK tuned into their favourite radio stations on a weekly basis. That’s an […]

Podcasts continue to go from strength to strength

We have previously written in these blog posts about the prominence of podcasts as a widely consumed form of entertainment and education. Interestingly, the rise of concepts such as YouTube Shorts, time-limited Instagram stories and Snapchat have coincided with the rise of long form media such as podcasts. Podcasts are not a quickfire entertainment jolt […]