Compelling story angles

Broadcast PR is an effective way to present a brand, service, product, organisation or individual in an appealing way to a targeted audience. One of the best ways to secure good coverage is to create a story that will grab the attention of an audience.  There are many ways that a story can be crafted […]

Five ways to craft successful broadcast news releases

A well-crafted broadcast news release can reach a vast audience quickly – but only if coverage is achieved.  A broadcast news release provides an opportunity for an organisation to showcase their message, story or brand in a concise and captivating way to their target audience – and can help shape public perception and influence decision […]

Four top tips to maximise the reach of your Broadcast PR campaign

Broadcast PR can be one of the most powerful tools in a marketing and communications strategy. The most challenging aspect is not just about getting your story on air though.  Securing radio and television coverage is one thing, but are you maximising your impact and reach? Are you communicating your key messages clearly to your […]

The art of pitching to broadcast journalists

The competition to earn broadcast coverage is fierce in today’s crowded media landscape.  Broadcast journalists, producers and editors are inundated with pitches from broadcast PR professionals, businesses and individuals looking to secure precious broadcast opportunities. This is known in the PR industry as ‘selling in’.  With so much competition, capturing the attention of a broadcast […]

The benefits of media training in Broadcast PR

Media training is a very effective way for anyone appearing on television or radio to deliver key messages. It helps to prepare individuals to communicate with confidence, handle potentially difficult questions and present an image to the public that represents your organisation’s values. With televised broadcast PR, media training is particularly important because of the […]

Making an impact through TV advertising

A key goal of any marketing, PR or advertising campaign is to produce something that settles into the public consciousness. Numerous examples of adverts have entered into popular culture and become instantly recognisable. Think of the Compare the Market adverts with their meerkat characters or the Churchill insurance adverts.  One particular campaign that has caught […]

The Power of a Good Story: Michael Jordan

Nike is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. It has carefully built up its image and is now one of the foremost signatures related to sport and fashion. However, what is surprising about Nike is that from an age perspective, the global superpower it is today didn’t emerge until the late 80s […]

The Impact of Mistrust in Broadcast PR

It is universally accepted that trust is one of the most valuable commodities in life. Trust can determine the level of success you might have in your relationships; it can determine whether someone might hire someone to do a job; it can control the level of confidence someone has in their workplace, amongst many other […]


One of the things we like to emphasise here at Broadcast Reach is the importance of the story in broadcast PR. As we’ve discussed previously, broadcast PR relies on the narrative and the ambassador delivering that narrative. When the audience engages with your narrative, a relationship begins to form. Getting your story right is no […]

Benefits of Broadcast PR

People will often ask what the tangible benefits of Broadcast PR are. Very often, every penny being spent on marketing needs to be justified. People always want to be able to answer what their return on investment is. However, the return on investment is multi-faceted. It’s a different answer for every business. It could be […]