The Power of a Good Story: Michael Jordan

Nike is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. It has carefully built up its image and is now one of the foremost signatures related to sport and fashion. However, what is surprising about Nike is that from an age perspective, the global superpower it is today didn’t emerge until the late 80s […]

How to select the right brand ambassador

A key component of broadcast advertising and PR is the selection of a powerful brand ambassador. But what is a brand ambassador? Put simply, a brand ambassador is a popular public figure who supports a brand. The use of brand ambassadors is designed to affect the consciousness of a target audience and their purchasing intention. […]

Brand Ambassador vs. Influencer: What’s the difference?

A brand ambassador is a historically well-known concept, and broadcast advertising has been reaping its reward for decades. In more recent times, a trend has emerged in the use of Influencers in marketing strategy. But what is an influencer, and how are they different from a brand ambassador in the traditional sense? In essence, an […]