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Have you ever seen the managing director of a business on BBC or ITV News and wondered why they are being interviewed, when your story is just as strong as theirs?

The starting point is that broadcasters need content. If your MD is chosen for a television or radio interview, it isn’t because they want to do you a favour, it’s because your MD has a good story to tell.

The concept is simple. Radio and TV producers want good content that is topical. So, when the theme is rising energy costs, broadcasters will want to interview the owner or managing director of a manufacturing company that has been impacted by rising energy costs.

For more than three years, Brexit was a media topic every day. But broadcast producers can’t keep discussing the same story multiple times, so they need a new angle. Their latest angle might be about how Brexit has affected small business owners.

Covid is another example of a topic that has driven demand for content. For example, how has Covid affected the stress levels of employees who are isolated while working at home?

You will often hear a news story begin with: “A new survey has revealed…”. It is possible to create stories with new market research. That market research might reveal that a high percentage of employees admitted their stress levels had increased dramatically as a result of working from home and they are feeling anxious – and the knock on effect is more pressure on NHS mental health services.

The good news is that you can create the news and tell your story.

That’s where a broadcast PR agency comes in. What is your target market? What are your objectives? What are your key messages? What story do you want to tell?

Once a broadcast PR consultancy has the answers to those questions, they can translate that into a good story that radio and television producers will want to use.

News is a plural of new. Broadcast media producers are always looking for new content. So there is your opportunity.

Broadcast media coverage can help you raise awareness and credibility, establish and elevate your brand and get your name recognised as an authority in whatever it is you do.

Broadcasters love a good story, so what’s yours?

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