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5 reasons why you need to be seen in the right place

When marketing your brand, a good logo or catchphrase isn’t enough. Any competent Broadcast PR agency will tell you that developing a strategy around your positioning and the audience you are targeting is essential. Positioning is about ensuring your brand is out there and seen (and heard) in the right places – and being perceived in the intended way. As such, here are five reasons why a product or service needs to be seen and heard in the right place:

Your brand will stand out

A supermarket is organised with meticulous detail. Companies allocate large sums of financial resources so their product or services stand out to their desired audience. If a company decides that it wants its product to be at eye level on a shelf, it will likely have to invest a significant amount of money for that privilege. It’s the same story with broadcast media. According to ESPN, some advertisers spent up to seven million dollars to secure a 30-second slot at the Super Bowl.

Price acceptance by the target audience

What a brand is associated with is intrinsic in telling the story of that brand and how it is perceived. If a company intends to market a premium product or service and charge a representative price, then the image of that product or service needs to justify that. Think of car showrooms. There is a reason why even second hand car dealerships choose a category of car to trade in. In a forecourt of Jaguars and Porsches, it is unlikely that there will be many Ford Fiestas. This is because the brand of that dealer is aiming for a more upmarket look and secondly because the people coming to that forecourt want to feel like they are in an exclusive club.

The marketing of a product or service needs to be consistent. A crack in that narrative will likely lead to doubt emerging in the mind of the target audience and will undermine any effective broadcast PR campaign.

A product or service needs to be seen where its audience will assemble

To gain traction with an audience in the quickest way possible, a product or service must be seen in places where its target audience is already present. This allows momentum to be built in the broadcast PR campaign. This will be the space where the highest level of interest will be generated. The audience is already halfway to being interested in the mere fact of their presence. It’s similar to selling tiles in a specialist tile shop; the customers there already want to buy tiles.

Credibility and trust

A rapport needs to be built with a targeted audience. An effective broadcast PR strategy is all about creating that relationship and dialogue with that audience. That dialogue is vital to convincing your audience to trust your product or service. Where the product or service appears and what it is associated with is critical to establishing that trust. If honesty and integrity are at the heart of your brand identity, then a brand ambassador representing those themes will be essential in establishing that image.

Amplifying the story of a product or service

An example of this is a high end department store. Customers who shop there have confidence in its image, and they will subconsciously trust everything that’s sold there and won’t think twice about the quality of a product or service. Even if that product isn’t immediately recognisable, it becomes associated with everything around it, and therefore amplified. Broadcast PR benefits from the same levers and the products, services, and stories that appear adjacent to each other will amplify or diminish a brand’s image.

An effective Broadcast PR campaign is critical to making sure that a product or service has the best type of visibility. Broadcast Reach are experts in providing broadcast PR consulting services to establish a product or service in the subconscious of a targeted audience.

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